Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Utah family very worried and concerned about new baby coming into the world weighing under 3 pounds!

My niece Colette's new grandson has come early, but now the preemie unit in St. George, Utah must do their best to keep the little fellow here in this world. I knew my sister LaRae who passed on over twenty years ago, the baby's great grandmother, was keeping watch.  I am sure when a baby comes into the world too soon, family spirits gather ready to receive that child's spirit if survival is too hard.  While I was meditating last night my Uncle Kent came in who I rarely talk to, so I said why are you here?  There must be a reason.  Minutes later I found out the baby was on the way to being born, nearly 3 months early or not!  Kent delivered babies many years of his medical practice.  Surprisingly in his late 40's, he quit to become a psychiatrist and spent 6 months, I recall, in Russia and other places.  He and my sister LaRae were good friends, so naturally he would be concerned about her great grandson.
Kent as a Navy Medic

I had also been getting for the first time that my sister LaRae had committed to taking care of two babies in the spirit world who would have died before ever having been born, one of the many children of abortion.
My Uncle Kent's daughter developed a rare condition in the blood vessels in her brain that caused her to have seizures.  There was nothing they could do about it as the problem was too deep in the brain for surgery.  It could not be fixed, but she has managed to live to her sixties with the help of drugs and is just now selling her dental practice so she can retire. I am glad.  I am sure that will be less stressful for her. I had several dreams about my Uncle Kent thanking me for showing concern for his daughter.  His son, there were just two of them, is also a doctor back east.  Kent died when he was only 56 of a heart attack.  His condition was also inoperable he felt.  His wife has lived on to the age of 89!  We heard she was to her daughter's for Xmas, so she must be unusually hale and hearty.  Mother lived to the age of 89 but was too deep into old age dementia and silence to travel.  She was also in a wheel chair after she refused to rehab a broken hip.  Kent's wife Emmy was a nurse, so perhaps she has relied on her nurse's training to help her survive old age well!  

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Bohemian Cowboy said...

I really liked this entry, and it made so much sense. I didn't know about Collette's grandchild. I also didn't know that Uncle Kent pursued psychiatry as a physician, and that he died when only 57. I hope doc like the borscht. I've been fighting some depression the last couple of days, but I'm slowly working my way out. Loved the last few entries. We'll have to start talking about another session in the park on the history...


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