Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Why the 'Turnip Lady's' rant on Christmas Day disappeared!

I had a fight with Doc because he wanted to put 40 more minutes of what he called the 'Turnip Lady's' rant on Christmas morning on his emdedoc you tube channel. I wanted to explain in video why I deleted, deleted, deleted it. It portrayed me as a scold and 'verbose' and him as a cool alcoholic. I am barely tolerable when I am smiling and relaxed, let alone when I am grimlet eyed and raving.  He has consented to put the following video on his channel instead under another name.  You can still see the 'Turnip Lady' on his channel in 'Celebrating Christmas to Death'.  He will be celebrating New Years to death also. 

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Amrita said...

Enjoye d listening to your lively banter. Wish I could 've joined in an d put in my two bit.

I like the read the newspaper too. Its very imp. me , soecially the local pages


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