Sunday, January 4, 2009

1- Gerry brings spirit Pierre to be in New Years Series

Yes, I took spirit Pierre pictured with me in the big photo down to Doc's which startled him to say the least. But Doc cannot resist anything unusual so he accepted Pierre's presence in this video series. I had to tell him what Pierre was saying, but all in all I think they got along quite well. I explained that Pierre was with me now, since he, Doc, had taken just too long to sober up I knew I could not find a new man at my age in this place, so when Pierre offered to come back and take up our relationship again, I accepted. He said he has been coming through the walls for a long time anyway. I did not realize that the dead could get so involved in your life again, but he says he will be around now until I die when I need him. I could not tell who he thinks will die first, Doc or me, but I rather think it must be Doc due to his more poisonous diet. However I do know I will have to get my dying done at some point. I can't get out of it. Anyway, you will learn more about Pierre in this series.


sober white women said...

Well, lets hope that neither of you die anytime soon! I need your guys comic relief.

annk said...

Great picture of you and Pierre. Nothing like having to bring back those gone to get your life going now. I guess that's what those who have gone before do, if we would just let them. I'll be interested in the Pierre conversations.

Bea said...

Hi, Gerry! So it's been awhile since I've browsed your blog, and when I return, what do I find? Spirits? Pierre? I must check this out. (grin)


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