Tuesday, January 13, 2009

4- "The Reader" goes too easy on woman SS guard's decision to work in the death camps

In my opinion, opposition and resistence is necessary when a killing policy takes hold of the country, which in our country has been abortion. Brainwashing consists of convincing everyone that a killing policy is absolutely necessary, and there is going to be punishment for those who insist that is not so, once that killing policy is in place. There are all too many resemblances between the extermination policies of the nazis and the extermination policy of the so called civilized ountries when it comes to abortion. Brainwashing is insidious and gradually making resistence as difficult as possible. So I had a little trouble understanding why this movie was made. I felt the same way about the novel when I read it some years ago.


sober white women said...

I love this clip!

Yasmin said...

I don't think you can EVER compare wht happened in the Concentration Camps to the abortion policies today.


Pamela said...

Gerry, there are some extremely graphic documentaries about the Holocaust. I have been shocked by some of them. Hollywood has addressed that issue with movies such as "Sophies Choice" and "Schindler's List." Have you seen those? They touch on the subject. But, the documentaries I have seen are GRAPHIC.
As far as abortions, it's a whole different realm. It's not the same at all in my opinion, and to hear you comparing the two shocks me.
Just my opinion.


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