Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2- Pro Life advocates suppressed in this country for years

Legalized abortion immediately created fear in many causing them to jump on the pro choice wagon so as not to risk job or career, and created resentment and dislike of those who persisted in their beliefs in the right to life. Many felt they no longer had the option of such old fashioned views, not if they might be penalized, and fear helped create the reality. Pretty soon a pro life advocate could not get a letter protesting the relatively recent legalized law published. Pro life views became extremely unpopular and have persisted in being so to this day, but perhaps we are finally seeing a lessening of the fear and the beginning of a little indignation that our policies were so high handedly reversed. I am working to see that pro life democrats will become bolder about speaking out, for how will the young ever get a balanced view if those with strongly opposing beliefs don't make themselves heard?
Blogging is good, anything is good that gets opinions expressed and out there. Little by little we have to remove the taboos imposed mostly by fear I believe and have even kept many from thinking about the subject enough to develop more realistic reservations.
Remember we are dealing with a new phenomonom so we could have been expected to have a difficult time adjusting to it, especially since it involves the end result of deep intimacy, and can therefore easily be regarded as a 'private' matter, but to me death is not a private matter, it has to concern all of us when the law has given license to shed the blood of our own.

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