Monday, January 26, 2009

Help, my sound on computer suddenly stopped working!

Does anybody have any ideas. I was playing some videos on Youtube and it just stopped working. I can't play dvds either as the sound system seems knocked out. I wasn't doing anything when it went out except watching them. My computer sounds spooky without a whole lot of sound. The little green light comes on the speakers but all it will make is a little noise and that's it. I have turned off computer and unplugged all the speaker wires I can see and even plugged one to a port in front, and I called my son Dan twice, and still no sound. He had me check to see if mute button was on but it wasn't. I can always watch stuff I need to hear down to Doc's but this is a bummer. I am saving my shekals to go to the play in L.A. so wouldn't have the money for repair if that is what it needs. By the way would this be easy to get fixed?


Lisa said...

I would go into the Task Manager through "My computer". You will see all the devices listed.

Check out where the sound, speakers or something like that - you should be able to double click on that and it will tell you if it is working properly or troubleshoot.

I know this is sketchy information, if you need more details email me and perhaps I can help you with it better. I am on my laptop now which is Vista, the other computer has XP so I can work with either.

Pamela said...

I don't know how to fix computers. I have a computer man down the street, but he would charge lots of $$ just to diagnose. I hope you get it fixed soon.
Can't wait to meet you when you come to LA!!


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