Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration speech and what democrats might expect from Obama

I am stating here that I am pledging myself again to freeing the democratic party from those who think they should have the upper hand in deciding what shall be the democratic platform, and how can the democrats expect to go under God with pro choice. How many people can actively pray and ask God's guidance and believe in abortion? Does keeping the earth green mean that we can't get along without legalized abortion? It is an act of faith to believe that character can triumph, the strength to believe that all children conceived deserve the chance to live. If we do not want children, the best policy is to act responsibly at all times and not conceive them. I do not believe that God excuses this mistake with abortion. Is God too tough? This is the biggest challenge and moral dilemma this world has ever faced, because antibiotics determined that abortion would be safe for the mother. Abortion was bound to become the biggest temptation we have ever had to justify killing.


annk said...

You have covered the subject. Obama's points about cutting back abortion is very true. If he looks for ways to cut back abortion, and finds them, and does act...I think he has done what he can. He makes very good sense.
I think there are a lot of democrats out there that are NOT pro-choice and think they should speak up and become part of the Democratic Party. Who was responsible for making such a change? I know my Grandpa and Aunt Nethella never preached pro-choice, but of course it was never a word in their day. Let's move to put the party in balance!

Missie said...

I actually thought the bits of the inauguration that I did see and the parade, was scary.

People see him as a god, a god who can change everything, and he's not, and he can't.

He's only a man who can do so much. He can fail, he can break promises like all the other presidents before him.

I don't know why, I just don't have much hope with Obama. He puts on a good show, he can say a hell of a speech, but can he do the real dirty work? I just don't know. Something about him really bothers me......


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