Sunday, January 4, 2009

I spend the afternoon at Sister Linda's watching the Cardinals beat the Falcons and eating Leo's Pazzeoli

The big photo is of my sister Linda in front of her mantel and her sculptures. My grandson Dante burned some paper in the fireplace and played videos and listened to his grandma, aunt, and her bf talk about the old days, dying, and other ailments. Dan came home from work and dozed in the chair as he went to work early.
I checked out Linda who is now thinking she will have to go to the neurologist to see if her problem is a pinched nerve causing her fingers to go numb. She fell hard about a couple of months ago and hit her head and may have done something to her neck. Seems more likely than anything else.
She wants to ignore it and pack up all her sculptures and books and furniture and move to San Francico where her daughter lives. I was concerned as I did not think she was well enough to handle all that, and told her she might do more damage to herself. My sister Linda is typical of a lot of seniors who do not want to find out the bad news about some of their ailments, but she may have put off going to the doctor as long as she can. She would have to leave Leo behind which is another reason she hesitates to move. Leo said for them to move back to Mexico and she could take her sculptures with her as they like statues down there. Linda is leary of that, I can see.
Leo shared his recipe for pazzeoli (sp) soup. It id wonderful, made with a hominy like corn he buys to the Mexican grocery stores as well as a special pinto bean they like better than just regular ones. You add a bone if you want for flavor and onions, garlic, and pepper. Corn is my favorite vegetable so I am going to make a trip to one of these stores to buy the ingredients.
Leo, Linda, and I shared stories about growing up on a ranch (ranchero) and chasing cattle for our fathers. His father was just as mean as our dad and would hit them if they messed up. He said he would get a tortilla and a piece of cheese to eat for the day, sometimes, as they were very poor down there, one reason he came to the states. He is lucky to have the status to be able to work. So far he still has a job. LInda cannot work because she is too old to find a job and now she has got this ailment, so the mortgage cannot be paid and foreclosure is in sight. She says she was one of those who borrowed money on her house and now she cant pay the payments because she is hurt. So is sure to lose the house.
I did have a good time with family and Linda cheered up a little bit before the end of the day. Such is the fate of the seniors if they should fall down, god forbid, and they often do, becoming shaky and stiff and trying to run around as though they were young instead of old. Linda said she was probably trying to keep up with a younger BF.


Larena said...

So the move is on to San Francisco. I vote for her to see the neurologist Before she tackles loading up all those heavy sculptures and stuff. She looks great in her picture and probably thinks she can do like she has always done. The rest of us are often thinking that way too. I know I surely am.Deg, Ginna , Lisa and I played three tough games of scrabble yesterday. That and playing hostess at the same time made me want to go to bed at eight o'clock last night. Of course this is not so good because then i am awake at four. It isn't time for 'Meet the Press' to come on until seven.

That Dante is surely a handsome little dude in this picture.

annk said...

Great picture of Linda and sculptures. How much can she haul to California? I think she should find out what is going on
before she loads up. There are some heavy sculptures sitting there waiting to go. I do think she has a better chance to sell them in San Francisco, but moving them is another problem.

Nelishia said...

Maybe she'll go and find a neurologist in SF, but truly she should learn if whether she has damaged something or not. Falling is very dangerous anyway. I do love Linda's sculptures. The soup sounds very delicious. I'm glad you got to see Dan and Dante both. That boy playing with fire. I used to love doing that and watching it too. Good that you are having a more peaceful time with Linda as I know it is not always so with you two.



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