Friday, January 9, 2009

I really appreciate people who are not disturbed by the possible presence of spirits among us

My sister Ann in photo said that she has been visited quite a few times lately by my sister LaRae who passed over 20 years ago, and she is wondering about the meaning of her visits. Ann seems as healthy as she can be without a pancreas resulting in severe diabetis, but my guess would be that my sister LaRae is popping in to remind her to prepare for departure as those with health problems always need to do, just in case. Which does not mean she will be leaving immediately. She seems to be too locked into life right now with many tasks that interest her including tending her smallest grandson before he starts pre school next year, as she tended his two older sisters. I don't look for her to live to be really old as she says it is a tremendous drag to be on the highest possible insulin shots all the time. But I admire her because she drags herself out at 6 am to go swimming in 21 degrees below zero where she lives in the heated public pool, of course, but she says it is icy cold comng and going to the pool. But she is doing it for her health's sake. I am not that conscientious about taking my walks in my nice balmy Phoenix weather. She has been the physical activity queen of the family in later years.
I have decided that Pierre's presence means that I will get more of a look into the afterlife as time goes on. It is like moving to New York so scouting out the city, finding possible activities to engage in. I would be happy to go and do plays. I tried to get Pierre to come to some play readings with the idea that we might put one on at the Westward Ho. In fact, I moved in here with that idea in mind, but have always run into too much dysfunction in the possible actors to do it, like chronic alcoholism for one thing. Pierre had his periodic drunks. He had never acted before so he could not be sold on the idea. Now perhaps he would be more amenable. Ellen, who lived in this big complex, you may remember died last summer as a result of stomach reduction surgery gone wrong. She was still in her fifties so that was really sad. She sang a lot of songs in all the karaoke videos I played for Doc. She loved music and she did 3 shows here to the Westward Ho I participated in. I remember once she wanted us to perform the dance of the hippoes. I was not quite ready to concede I was a hippo yet, so I wouldn't do it, but she did. She made everyone laugh so hard in her tutu trying to get on her tippy toes while weighing a good 350 pounds. It was one of her most successful numbers. Even I knew she could not carry a tune, so she concentrated on dancing at her weight yet. She found a very talented lady who worked in the police department and got her to play the piano for a lot of the numbers. I just loved her. She also gave readings. We had fun, except that Ellen was a non stop talker, and so hot tempered I did not dare object. I thought she spent way too much time talking and not rehearsing. I felt she was going to have to revamp her directing style before I would be in another of her shows.
So now according to Pierre that is just what she is doing. She is helping the other ghosts to do shows, but working under another director to learn how to do it better. And she is getting a chance to be helped with her singing by good vocal coaches.
You might not believe this but about ten years after James Dean died he came and tapped me on the shoulder in a dream and said he was going to take me to a big theater where a play he had written in the afterlife was being performed. James Dean became a good friend of mine, communicating quite often after he passed, especially when I was sick. I remember being seated in the theater, looking around at a full house, and then I watched the show. I remember watching the show in detail, but when I got back to my bed I could not remember what it was about. That was some experience, though, and it caused me to have hope that if we could not get our plays produced in this life we would get another chance, just as he did, after he was was killed at the age of 21.


Missie said...

I know there are spirits all around us!

Have a good weekend.

Joyce said...

I feel spirits all the time around me....never afraid...always calming...hugs and love to you!!


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