Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thanks to a president for his service

When I read that Obama had given McCain a dinner after the election, I decided that I would post this graphic made by Connie to express her appreciation to a president. She said she hoped not to get in trouble for snagging this photo on the Internet, but no copywright infringement is intended. I absolutely adore Laura Bush's dress. You talk about fashion, I think this is the most beautiful dress she has ever worn. I thought she was a very classy first lady.
Connie and I both did not agree with some of Bush's actions and policies. I was disappointed he did not do more than he did for my causes. But I think the office of presidency extracts a high toll from any man, and Bush was always there. I came to think that he had limitations that were inherent that kept him from being a great president. He was adequate. He was the man of destiny for that time. Enough said. Thank you, Connie, for this tribute. I think it shows that you have the courage and independence of your convictions. See Connie's blog on my side bar: Windswept Whispers.

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Lisa said...

Very nice & a classy thing to do Gerry. Despite what he did, or didn't do he devoted 8 years of life to leading our country and he didn't let the rest of the world mistake our kindness for weakness. He kept us safe.


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