Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thank you, Connie, for this Special Lady horse and little girl

Connie, this so touched me, because I had such compassion for the horses when I was a tiny girl. My dad put me on a horse with him when I was a baby. My first memory is of seeing the Navahos race their horses so joyously through a big pond by our homestead house. I was not yet two but I recogized the greater sense of joy and fun they had compared to my dad and his cowboys. My favorite picture when I was small was of the horse bent over standing against the elements and all the troubles that beset him with his very existence threatened, with his Indian rider bent over him, too, also a dying race. How sad I felt that the men closest to nature must perish in the wake of the juggernaut settlers that represented progress, as the horse age inevitably passed and gave way to the machine age. I thanked my maker that he put me down where I could interact with horses until I was thirteen years old, and summers after that, until I finally left that wild and primitive country to go into exile. I think I will keep this snag above for a while as the title to my blog.

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