Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More about Bill

I must say I am finding this book by Psychologist John Gartner very fascinating. In case you are wondering why I am studying it, I want to know more about Hillary, too, and what we can expect from her in her most prominent position to date, Secretary of State. I am beginning to think that Hillary did indeed help keep Bill sane who had a very tough childhood. There was even doubt as to who his real father was. How much more dysfunctional can a life get? In this book, it says that after his mother was out partying in the bars every Saturday night, along with her alcoholic husband, Roger Clinton, and would be hung over the next morning, Bill would get up and walk a mile to a Baptist Church as young as 8 years old! None of his family ever went with him. When he decided to get baptized, he went alone! That is amazing. He said that going to church gave him peace. Not surprisingly he owned several bibles that were marked with his notes. He knew that bible thoroughly. His mother had terrible fights with his step father, of extreme violence. Bill finally got old enough when he was around 16 to order him never to physically abuse his mother or his little brother again.
It also reveals that his mother liked to take him as a companion to her favorite bars and entertainment joints with her when he got older. He would go but he was determined never to develop a drinking problem which would interfere with his ambitions to do something more with his life.
His mother also revealed in her book that Bill took his little brother with him wherever he went. He also was his baby sitter and never complained once! And many said that they always thought he was destined to be president if anyone ever was. Quite a number of people said that they just had that feeling of destiny about him, he was so gifted in so many ways, born to be a politician. He looked upon politics as kind of his calling, his destiny. And so it was.

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