Friday, January 30, 2009

Caller reports watching a UFO as he is talking to Georgy Noory and Linda Molten Howe Talk Radio

I put this photo of a tornado to get your attention and to wonder if there are events similar in their capacity to stop us in our tracks, make us look up at the heavens, and wonder what is going on? The man who called travels quite a bit in his work but said that he never paid any attention to talk of UFOs until just two or three weeks ago when he saw a craft hovering above the horizon close to to his house as he was coming home from a trip. His wife was over to a relative's so he called her to come and see it which she was able to do. Since then he and other witnesses have seen the craft regularly. Linda who investigates these things wanted to try to go there and see if she could witness it, so George put the caller on hold so his phone number and location could be attained, and she is going to try to fly there tomorrow. This is a live one!
I think this is a very good time for these intelligences to try to make themselves felt as we are all down in the dumps, looking at months of recovery and worry about what has happened to our world. I am wondering if such visible signs that we are not alone are not being done deliberately to get us to thinking about something different, something we have not mastered, and know so little about.
I was riveted to my radio and KFYI for about an hour and then I came in to write this as I could not stand the intensity anymore. I had to share this experience with you as this is the first time I have actually heard a caller say that he and others were watching a sighting at that very moment. That was some exciting.
Others from all over also had such sightings to report that were very similar, crafts with colored lights and one even reported her husband seeing a craft while he was in Siberia during the Vietnam war. He said that he and other soldiers saw a door open and lighted smaller crafts leave the large one, stay gone about an hour, and then come back. She also said that all those who witnessed this sight never talked about the sighting to each other nor reported it to anyone else in authority. He came home and told her, and she called in and reported it for the first time.
Linda said that was a common happening, people not talking about some amazing sighting they had until they actually listened to a show like this one and called in, and Linda says they often say that this was the first time they had ever talked about the sighting to an outside party. Now I am going to go back and listen to a little more before it goes off the air. I drift in and out of sleep so I don't exactly know what hours George Noory keeps, but during the week his show starts at ten. He takes Saturday off, too, and possibly Sunday. I can only handle so much excitement at once so I sort of doze off and then wake up to find him gone. There is so much smog in Phoenix it would take a very penetrating light to get through, but it has happened. Remember the lights of Phoenix?

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As soon as I read the title it brought back to mind the info I'd read on Area 51 years ago~ The US govt secretly buiding UFOs in collaboration w/alients to create alien-human hybrids for the purpose of dominating the world. I am glad I know longer want to dominate the world!~Mary


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