Sunday, January 11, 2009

Arizonans beside themselves with excitement over a great football win

Above is a photo of Phoenix abuilding which we are still doing, but everybody stops to enjoy great football of which we have had far too little in past years. So I have never witnessed such frenzies of excitement as are going on here now. A great football game to me is like a great night at the theater. And this one had everything. Our quarterback performed like the old pro he is and all the other stars never had a better game. Everybody did what they came to do spectacularly well, and the poor Panthers looked like they had been blindsided by a foe that nobody expected to win. We didn't even expect it after a dismal record in the last few games on the east coast. A few weeks ago I thought one of the cardinal players who said last stop superbowl was flying a little too high in expectations for his team. But now that they are just one game away from going to the superbowl they have made a believer out of me.
I learned to watch and enjoy football with my sons, so I am just about as excited as they are. My sister Linda is a fan, too, and was having a football party to her house with her companion Leo and some of his family. Linda has been in an uproar for some time so this game was a welcome relief, as it was for many with bad economy troubles in Arizona. Her house is going into foreclosure. She is unable to work because of a mysterious ailment, so she can't pay the mortgage. She is getting ready to move to San Francisco, and will be leaving her partner Leo of four years. So leaving a house, a companion, and a city where you have resided for many years is not easy. She has acquired a lot of 'stuff,' and should not be lifting much at all to move it. We are going to be holding our breath to see if she gets through this move without injuring herself worse. Many and many a person has hurt themselves moving. Linda hates to ask people to help her, but she has got a strong son and a nephew, my son Dan, to do the heavy lifting. Dan has moved 3 times this past year, and he will move out of Linda's house when she goes, where he has been living to try to help with the mortgage, but Linda was one of those whose mortgage is just too high now to keep up.
I am looking forward now to watching the rest of the playoffs today. I was thinking of going to a mantinee movie but football will be a great show, so I better not miss it.

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Jeanie said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Linda has had to give up her house Gerry. I hope her move is accident free and that she moves home without exacerbating any of her health issues.
As for the football? I'm not too clued up on it I'm afraid.
Congratulations to those Arizonans celebrating their great football win. It must be similar to our English of Scottish teams winning the world cup, by the sound of things.
Hugs to you.
Jeanie xxxx


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