Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1- It's going to take all of us to bring down abortion deaths

I believe that renewed determination is really necessary now to bring down abortion deaths with a democratic pro choice regime in power. I have always believed that people are far more capable of bringing change about than they might believe possible, but they can't do it by not acting. We have never had enough study and evalution of the effect these deaths have, and we are not apt to get them from people who want this solution to work. There is no sense blaming any one person, including a president who was hardly even a teen when abortion was made legal. Young people do not tend to question the status quo, but I do not believe that this many deaths allows anyone true peace of mind. So we must go to work.


ADB said...

I think abortion is an issue on which we profoundly disagree, and it is perhaps best to agree to disagree. My viewpoint is that abortion should be legal for women who become pregnant through rape, or for whom pregnancy constitutes a serious risk to health or life; or when the foetus would be seriously malformed on birth. Abortion as a crude mechanism of 'morning-after pill' I do not condone.

I have come across that policy change by the new administration in Washington. One of the reasons why I think it was correct was not related to the issue of abortion, but to the fact that the government of the USA thought fit to ramrod its ethical viewpoints down the throats of foreign, sovereign nations by withholding aid.

Gerry said...

ADB, I don't think that anyone could expect to enforce laws against abortion that did not allow for abortion in case of rape, incest, or deformed child, or to save the life of the mother, but now it is estimated that only 5% of abortions are performed for these reasons, the rest are for birth control. I think that a pro life president was within reason not to provide aid for abortions in a foreign country, when his expressed intent is to overturn Roe and Wade and restrict abortion in this country as well. I agree that this would be controversial if abortion was legal in that country, but I think all restrictions now on abortion are something to view as progress. Science can become horrifying if the people do not restrain and control what is done with modern inventions. What have we benefited from science if the result is over a million fetus deaths in this country alone a year. Antibiotics make abortion much less risky for the mother, so a million deaths of the fetus is acceptable? This does not make sense to me. Gerry


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