Wednesday, January 14, 2009

5- I was incarcerated for implying military philosophy adversely affected mentally ill soldier husband

If you go up against the killing philosophy of the military you do so at your peril. I went up against it because my first husband seemed to be cracking up in the military and was talking about suicide as well as targeting me for murder. I had to try to talk to his commanding officer before I left him, because if he committed suicide after I left, I would have felt I did not do enough. The grandmother who raised him had just died and he did not even ask to go to her funeral since he had just got leave to come to Utah when I had our first son, who was only 2 months old. He did not get to go back and be with family. I knew he probably wouldn't have been given leave again, so I felt there was nothing for me to do but try to let his commanding officer know he was cracking up.
This proved to be a very risky step for me, as I ended up incarcerated in a psych ward instead of him. It seems I had asked too much of men in authority to help him, to concede that the military could be a bad influence on men inclined to violence. However, the commanding officer did act on the matter about six months later when he told my troubled husband he would be discharged honorably I believe on a hardship basis. So we citizens sometimes have to protest a killing philosophy that does not deal with reality. Because not to could lead to a greater disaster. After that my husband stayed away from the military and I continued to stay away from psychiatrists and men of authority who might incarcerate me.

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