Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Summing up at the start of the New Year

I am starting with this graphic which is one of Connie's creations of Windswept Whispers, because it reminds me of my past on the ranch with green grass, horses, and butterflies. I like to watch golf partly so I can look at the grass that reminds me of home. I am also posting it because Pierre, my former companion, knew hnow to be a good friend and to be grateful for whatever people did for him, and I got a big kick out of what happened in regard to him this past week.
He came in a dream and conveyed to me that he would be here to take up some of the lonely hours I have spent when I would leave Doc to his drink around noon. He is an ideal addition to my life since Doc can't see him to insult him and Pierre is interested in singing and these videos. He thought it quite unique to get a relationship going again with one of us in each world. I thought it was, too. I would never have thought of it if I had not had that dream and felt like I was in prison to Doc's alcoholism.
This was quite a wakeup call for Doc who has been impervious to anyone's influence in this world, but realized he could not scare Pierre off with insults, so now he is already acting like a better boy.
We have been singing every day and watching ourselves on camera to see how we do, at his instigation. Today I sang 16 songs, old ones, that have the vocals so I can follow along. Doc said I did much better with those and got on the melody better.
People wonder why I am trying to learn to sing when I have so little singing talent. Well, because Doc is musical and he takes an interest in singing. And he is now showing more interest in trying to teach me. I think we should keep learning as long as we possibly can and have opportunity. But he has just been very apathetic about doing any practicing on a regular basis.
Pierre and I used to have many many singing sessions during his sober days, and I am so happy because Pierre told me that all the ghosts who inhabit the Westward Ho, most of them having lived here a long time and died here, are getting together to have singing sessions. He said that he has found people with Doc's caliber of musical talent to help them, and that is just what Pierre needed. He had found people like that in California when he was managing big complexes with his wife. But he said his ex-wife was jealous and soon wanted to change jobs, go to some other state, anything to get away from where he was having fun. He said that she comes to the Westward Ho quite a bit now, but he has told her very firmly that their marriage is over. Her temper is much worse than his and I think that is probably what separates people in the other world as much as it does in this one. If you have been miserable in a marriage in this world, you sure aren't going to want to continue it in another world.
Doc has only been giving me a half of measure in this relaationship, expecting me to put up with his all day drinking. Pierre never expected that, and knew staying drunk was no good for him, but Doc has not got to that swearing off alcohol stage, so it was getting to be too miserable which is what I think caused Pierre to act. He has sent me warning dreams several times, and I was surprised that he had nothing to say about Doc, but I see he has been studying the situation and deciding what he could do to help me.
I know this all might sound strange to you younger journalists, but this is what seems to happen as you get older, some unusual developments as that world and departure comes closer. I hope you will find all this of interest!


sober white women said...

I can't sing either, but I love to do it! Sing your heart out!

annk said...

I laughed really hard during those two videos with Pierre. Funny.
I had to laugh with you when Doc said he was thinking of homicide more than suicide! You two had quite the rally going. Pierre does put in an unexpected presence.
I do love your card with the horses. Will look forward to more.


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