Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January Sanctity of Life and anniversary of Roe vs. Wade month, and the 18th is Pro Life Sunday

I want to flag Hunybea4him and her Open Journal, which you will see on my sidebar on my blog list. She has started a series on abortion, and her story will move you, her reasons, I promise you.
I have had some questioning my comparing the deaths in the Nazi camps to the deaths by abortion. There are many horror stories about abortion deaths, but they are suppressed. There was no graphic information about the death camps going out to the world. What was going on there was hidden as long as possible. We have gotten used to having the piles and piles of dead embryos hidden from our sight, whisked away, so we don't have to see or think about them. This is how brain washing works. You don't see and are not encouraged to think about what might upset you. But violent death is violent death, bloodshed is bloodshed, no matter how old or how young the victims. We can choose to believe these children are not really human beings, but can we tell this to God? I doubt it. We can support abortion here. We have our free will.
I say it is wrong to take the life you have conceived. The child is now in existence and it is up to the mother to protect it, not destroy it, and she will suffer grave psychic damage I believe if she does do it. She will introduce death into her own body. After that she will be living with death, and that is not good. She will never feel or be as healthy again once she has aborted a child. The slightest thing will surface anguish, no matter how deep awareness of the death is buried.
I do not want fame in a country where abortion is legal. That fame would be trivalized by such a belief. We have trivialized life at the beginning and so diminished us all.
Life is always going to be hard, so why do we buy the idea that abortion will make it easier? It is better to do the right thing than burden the conscience more than can be faced.


madcobug said...

As a mother who has had two still life births and three miscarriages and two living children I could never consider an abortion. That definately would not be an option for me. I have never posted this in my blog because to much heartache goes along with it. By the grace of God I still have my two living children. Helen

hunybea4him said...

Thank you for highlighting my post about abortion and I promise to be updating on that topic very soon.

Yes abortion is America's Holocaust and no one wants to see it. Very few pastors talk about it, and I have ran across many Christians who are apathetic to the topic, "not my issue". I for one can't say "God Bless America" because how can I ask him for such when we have rivers of blood running threw out our land? And you know what, that blood cries out..it will be our down fall.

As a women who has gone threw abortion, walking more than a mile in those shoes if you will, I know the hurt, the shame and the longing, the pain over believing the lie that it will solve my problem. The only thing it did was create two victims, a dead child and a hurting mother.

annk said...

huny, your comments on abortion, including your own, are so touching. That is exactly the point of not doing abortion. I am touched that you would share such a painful memory. America is very busy killing babies. What can we do to make it stop? I guess the best thing anyone can do is say out loud that abortion is not a solution. Stop the killing!


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