Friday, January 30, 2009

Congress approves health care for kids and pregnant moms!!

This is the kind of legislation we need to encourage mothers who might otherwise feel an overpowering need to get an abortion to have their children. Obama who is a strong believer in health care is expected to sign the measure. Senator McCain did not vote for it, why I do not know. This is legislation that had been in play once, but was not renewed until now.
I have often thought about how pleased Bush was that he had gotten drug coverage for those on medicare, when I thought it was just as important to help out the poor at the beginning of their lives, instead of spending so much money on the end. I have read that most of the big expenses are incurred by seniors in the final months of a severe illness they cannot possibly recover from.
Today there is another article about hospice representatives lobbying to get more information to the terminally ill about their rights to stop expensive treatments which is not always given to them, with some pressuring them to proceed because of the hospital policy in not stopping treatment almost until death. I know that Pierre was somewhat pressured to have treatment even when his cancer had spread to every part of his body. After thinking it over a few days he was very firm in stopping it, and his primary care doctor expressed admiration for his toughness, and said that that was probably the best decision he could have made, but some are not helped to face that the end is near and are encouraged to believe there is still hope if this treatment and that one is initiated. I am very conscious of how much money some of these treatments cost that are not going to make a difference! Wouldn't it be better to help the young than spend so much money on the old, especially now when there is not enough money to go around and cuts have to be made?


ADB said...

People had abortions because they could not afford to look after their babies? Appalling. An indictment on society; and on those who went down that road.

Pamela said...

I do think there should be more help for the young. But what kind? More money for college? Healthcare? What do you think?


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