Sunday, January 25, 2009

To my 13 year old grandson on being sexually active

Obama's quick action on striking the restriction down on paying for abortion for foreign women who receive help from the U.S. in regard to reproduction tells us that we have a new pro choice regime and that he means business in expressing his belief in pro choice by his actions. He also has strong pro choice support in secretary of state Hillary Clinton and other pro choice democrats. I think it would be safe to assume that at this point in time he would not even have received the democratic nomination had he not exprsssed a belief in pro choice.
As I see it the citizens of the U.S. are locked in conflict with each other right now over pro choice vs. pro life. Bush becoming one of the most hated presidents in memory I think we can lay at his decision to conduct not only a war with Afganistan in his effort to bring down Osama bin Ladin because of 9/11 but war with Iraq based on faulty intelligence about their possession of weapons of mass destruction, which he has finally expressed regret about. That is he recently made a statement that he wished they had possessed better intelligence about Iraq.
Bush was given a mandate by the American people maybe because enough people saw him as the more rightous candidate with his firm support of pro life as opposed to Gore's firm support of pro choice. Pro choice democrats prefer to believe that Gore was robbed in Florida, but just the same the election was extremely close. So if Bush did not get a clear mandate he got one close enough that the public accepted his win.
I donot think that American Christians have crystallized their beliefs on abortion being wrong enough to be determined that they are going to have to do something significant about the sheer numbers of children being killed in the U.S. alone.
I do not see much sense blaming Obama when the pro choice faction has been so determined to lead the democratic party to pro choice now and pro choice forever. With a willing media, they have taught a whole lot of younger people who have practically grown up with abortion that there is nothing wrong with it. So how can we say that Obama is the villain any more than the thousands and thousands of pro choice believers in the U.S. right now? He is the fruit of their teaching.
So in this video I am not concentrating on what Obama is doing and will undoubtedly continue to do in his support of pro choice, I am saying that it is up to everyone to bring the abortion numbers down. I have always said that if every person works on the problem within their own family, their own circle, much can be done.
I am talking to my grandson on that basis, and I will continue to put out videos in this vein, hoping to keep calling attention to the need to bring abortion numbers down as we can by interacting more with anyone apt to be a part of an unwanted pregnancy. That is surely the case when a very young teen gets another very young teen pregnant.
My idea is to think of prevention, prevention, prevention. I am asking my grandson to think about being a leader in helping teens not to head straight into trouble by becoming sexually active, but to refrain in every way possible from conceiving a child when they are in no way ready to have one. I will be calling and talking to his mother more often about this, and to Dante himself. I know his mother is committed to no abortion, did not believe in it, and even though she was only 17 when she conceived Dante, and my son the father was not happy with the fact he also bore equal responsibility for, she had him. My son married her but declared his intentions not to stay married and started going out while he was stationed overseas in the Navy. So she had it rough the three years he was gone over seas.
I interacted with Dante as I tell about in this video and kept writing to his dad about what this baby was doing, and finally telling him that I feared what would happen to this child if he did not come back and get involved in his life. His job was not done.
Amazingly they reconciled for a number of years to do just that. Look after this child together as their top priority. I believe that those early rough years of the marriage caused difficulties that could not ultimately be overcome, and once again separation happened. And once again I am going to do everything I can to help get Dante through his teen years without being a part of a teen pregnancy that will either causse much hardship for all concerned, or a family tragedy if abortion is the choice. We have to look on abortion as a tragedy, as something to try to prevent at all costs.

I think that legalized abortion has torn down more morals than it has ever helped build because it has made killing another human being an option for teens when a child is conceived. I have often wondered how pro choice people can build up such a head of steam about war mongering, and global warming destroying the habitat of animals and people, and yet refuse to show any remorse about the loss of a little human being. How can we possibly claim this is a good option? It doesn't matter whether we say we believe life begins at conception or not, it takes bloodshed and killing to stop that embryo from developing into a baby that will need to be taken care of by parents who may be still children themselves. Dante has trouble accepting his mother's two babies conceived with her present companion, I know he is not ready to be a father by any stretch of the imagination and won't be for considerable time.
I think we need to paint a more realistic picture to teens of what a millstone they will put around their own necks if they get reckless with the idea that abortion will take care of any problem their out of control sexual behavior causes.
I do not think Christians have talked against legalized abortion nearly enough. They have not gone out on a limb to make this astronomical number of abortion deaths a top priority. Until they decide they mmust go to work, they too hold some responsibility for flooding the heavens with children conceived here. What is God going to say to those who say they don't believe in it, but do nothing to stop it?
So I am hoping that this will be a topic of a lot more discussion, not less, and that people will start questioning those who are so sure they are right in taking us deeper into abortion by continually striking down all limitations any faction can come up with. I intend to write a strong letter to Obama and send it to the White House about his latest action. I kept the White House mailman busy in both the Clinton and Bush years. I have a number of responses about my abortion letters from Bush. Clinton never answered any of my protests about what he was doing, but he got the letters. Plus I will be doing a lot more activities to make my opinions heard, everything I can think of! In case you want to send off a letter to the President here is his address: The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NA, Wash. D.C. 20500.


sober white women said...

I think as a parent, many people need to come back to reality. Many teens are having sex. That's life. However birthcontroll is free in this country, so if they are going to have sex then I think they should at least use something.

Nelishia said...

As I always told my children, "Adult choices make adult responsibilities and consequences." That's very heavy burden to bear when you're still a baby yourself.
The county health department where I got my first pregnancy test at age 15 that turned up positive was right there to offer support for whatever I chose to do, abort or adopt. They did not think I was about to be married even though I told them I was. I was talked to by an advocate/social worker who told me if I was afraid to tell my parents that I was pregnant, that maybe I was to young to have a baby. If I decided to go on with my future, they had some volunteers that would drive me there and back and stay with me to get the procedure done and no one would have to know. This was in the mountains in 1976. I can't even begin to imagine how much easier it is now to cover your actions.

I'd like to think Dante isn't actually having sex yet, but only wishing he could. He's probably painfully shy and easily embarrassed when it comes to personal matters as most 13 year olds boys are very private. Then again, I don't know him.

I'm glad you're there for him. He's lucky to have you.


Yasmin said...

Not that long agao there were no choices for women who had unplanned pregnancies etc and I think it's a good thing that there is a choice now , not that termination should be used as birth control ever. contraception is freely availble in the Western world and should always be used it's every man and womans responsibility to ensure against unwanted pregnacy. Teenagers have sex and girls get pregnant in the Uk we have the highest rate of teenage pregnacy, Sex education is very important and kids need to understand the possible consequences of their actions.

Wether your grandson is sexually active or not I think that it is soley his parents responsibilty to discuss with him privately.


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