Monday, January 12, 2009

2- Gerry finds best blithering idiot possible in Doc

This was Doc's kinder nicer title, an improvement on mine with the word best. I did have a bad day over the weekend of extreme frustration at my plight of being trapped with the average American male over 70, who if he is available, it is because he is overweight, alcoholic, a smoker and maybe a drugger. He does not want to change because that might mean giving into a woman. No, he is going to be himself whatever that means until all hope is lost. I am begging Hollywood to make more truthful honest movies about what the masses are up to. And they want health care for the worker when the out of shape seniors and disabled are on their way to breaking the system, along with health care legions who are charging big money to keep saving their lives? How is Obama going to change the out-of-control ways of the American people. Well, at least he is taking a good look at the situation. Which I think is more than Bush did. And I am trying to take a cold hard look at us, too, after an evening in the never never land of Hollywood.


Connie said...

She looks good riding up there.
Ya'll have a good night.
many hugs

Pamela said...

You really touched on a lot of subjects. Hope you have a good evening.

annk said...

I love the Gerry poster. What more could you ask with such a beautiful girl on a beautiful horse?
The weight issue looms bigger and bigger with each passing year, so we have to tackle that problem once more. I have that horrible big issue along with diabetes like millions of others. The problem is then compounded. Oprah tackles her weight problem, but isn't she serious. Don't all us fatties need to laugh more? The smokers and the drinkers need a few more jokes too. How can we get more of the fun we need?


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