Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sister LaRae (passed) comes to talk about what happens to aborted children in the afterlife

The photo above is of my sister LaRae and my mother who has joined her on the other side, and who LaRae may have recruited to go along with her on her walks. I have had several dialogues with my sister LaRae who died over 20 years ago about abortion, since she had one just before abortion was legalized in 1973. She did not tell us all the details of how it was done, but she told us two years later what happened. I had a very troubling premonition when she told us that she would not live to be old, because she was a very sensitive person and I thought this act would take too big of toll on her. Not long before she died I had a dream that I saw a sculptured skull of a child in a field as though it had tumbled from a grave and I somehow knew that this was her child, and a voice spoke to me and told me that this child had forgiven her mother and was waiting to be reunited with her in the after life. I woke up and cried and cried and cried. LaRae was an artist and had sculptured a great many 'heads' as she and my siter Linda called their sculptures.
In dialogues I had with her after she passed she said that she experienced what many parents experience who have killed a child or aborted one, a lot of difficulty in coming to terms with the reality of what she had done, so she could come back along the long road of redemption. She said naturally there is a lot of distrust, even though now days many have been taught since they were born that this act is all right, difficult, but not anything to be too troubled about.
She became converted to pro choice and maintained her belief until she died some 15 years later, so she and I agreed not to discuss the subject since we would only argue.
She says that anyone who survives death and is taken to see the numbers of children killed in abortion can no longer remotely maintain such a belief. She says that this is easily the biggest source of deaths now sending these tiny souls into the hereafter before they have even breathed. She said at first they are housed in what look like giant hospitals and many have been recruited to look after them as they mature from whatever age they were killed in embryo. She says many relatives of the child come and take an interest and will volunteer to take the child when it is old enough to go with them and be responsible for 'raising' it. Then others who are not relatives are recruited to take others.
Now I do think that if we believe in a hereafter we have to try to figure out how it could work. LaRae says what I have long suspected that the spirit is just made of unseen and very tough material which is the 'life' in a body and survives death. And lives in a demension touching ours and in many cases intermingling, as she says she visits the living regularly to keep check on what her family is doing at all times and to help watch over them when needed.
She says when anyone is sick or in danger a more extensive watch is put over them until the danger is either gone or they have passed.
When I was young and experienced great danger Jesus had a special meaning for me, as the great spirit who really did suffer the little children to come unto him. As I grew older other spirits came to the forefront more. I always had a sense of family spirits who had passed including my beloved grandmother who I felt staying around for some years when my dad was still drinking so heavily. She was always very worried about us children, and I had more than one vivid dream of a visit from her. I used to feel my first husband's mother around a lot who had died when he was 4 as she was always very worried about him in our married years when he had gotten so unstable and was actively threatening suicide as well as extreme violence. But he got through those years, but still at 74, he virtually committed suicide by disappearing into the desert, but as I told my son, Raymond, his was a much less tragic death than it would have been when he was a young man. As it was he and Raymond got close and spent many hours singing. His dad often lived with him a few months in the winter, when it was cold in Utah, in his last years
LaRae has come because it is Sanctity of Life month, and she says it is all right to talk about her life. I did not want to upset her daughters so have tried to refrain from that as much as possible. If I think it is going to upset too much I am not going to talk about anyone's abortion. But after many years, I believe that LaRae did come tonight in response to a need. This is such a tough subject that always causes me to get down, so I think she has come to talk about the Sanctity of Life in an uplifting way. She reassures me that life is eternal and that these children recover albeit with their scars and live happy years where they are. We have discussed reincarnation and she says that some will return faster than others. She for example will not return until all her immediate family who need her to be there have come to the other side, so that means there will be a long period of learning and analyzing what happened in this life before members of our family start to think about reincarnation. People in places like India I think are prepared throughout their lives for reincarnation so are ready to return sooner.
She says that the aborted children are not ready to return until they have worked through the fact that they have been the victims of earth's modern policies. She says they ask a lot of questions and want to know why. They try to find out from relatives what their parents were like and why this was their fate.
She says she has talked to her child many times about this in answer to her questions. She says her child has helped her not to despair and when she gets down the thought of this child always gets her going again, because if she can accept her fate and still forgive she must forgive herself and believe in change. LaRae rebelled against religion in any form and that seemed to be what led her to support of such policies, and so discussion of religion versus 'secular' belief abound there, she says.
LaRae says this is a very down time on earth and it is ripe for a change, a moving away from questionable policies toward the light. Religion as she experienced it on earth was binding to her spirit instead of freeing it to expand, but once she had gone through death, she truly knew what salvation means. She says there is exaltation in this thought, we shall not die, and that she is living now as she never lived on earth, freed from any thoughts that harm to others in any way is all right. She experienced a long dark night of the soul when she went down that road. She told us not long before she died that she went to see the father of the child who was married which was one reason for the abortion. He told her that the reason she was dying was because she had not had this child. She acted as though she accepted that, that this might be true. It was like she had tasted death in a lethal form when she became the instrument of death to her child within and she never recovered, but I believe that repentance will bring about recovery in this life which is often very necessary when other young children are there and need a mother. Then repentance is the bravest thing one can do to restore good mental health and peace to a troubled heart. I believe that Jesus heals all troubled souls who pray to him.


Pamela said...

Very interesting entry. Hope you have a good weekend.

hunybea4him said...

I don't even know where to begin Gerry lol I may have to write my own post.

I must say though this brought tears to my eyes.

Lisa said...

When I attented Cosmotology School there was a girl in my class I became friends with. As our friendship grew we talked about our lives, as friends do.

She and I were sitting in Pizza Hut one day having lunch, this was 27 years ago. We were chatting about the man she was currently dating when she, very calmy said she had been pregnant by him twice. I said you don't have any kids do you? She said no, she has abortions ~ she had 7 of them.

It was her method of birth control. I don't remember what happened after that but I imagine I was horrified at this information.

Reading your entry made me think of her - I hadn't thought of her in many, many years.


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