Thursday, January 15, 2009

I dreamed I was going with Charles Barkley last night

I don't know if you all know who Charles Barkley is, but he was once a big basketball superstar in Arizona and almost singlehandedly got us to the finals of the NBA. He came here from Philadelphia and was regarded somewhat as a troublemaker, as he is still is, having just got arrested in Arizona for a DUI. He was known for a rather unadmirable remark after causing trouble, "I am not a role model." Well, it seems that his behavior now of non role model material is hurting him worse than anyone. He has been put on suspension temporarily from his analyst duties on TNT of the NBA and his sponsors from a commercial have dropped him as not being enough of a role model for their customers I presume.
What is more Mr. Barkley told the cops that the reason he ran a red light was because he was in a hurry to meet up with someone not his wife for sex. I can't imagine what possessed him to tell the cops that since this remark has been highly publicized. Barkley did have a strange penchant for being brutally honest, but wasn't this going too far?
In spite of all that I am obviously still very fond of Mr. Barkley or I wouldn't dream I was going with him, and why, because he is the funniest basketball player
ever to play in the NBA to my mind. I can't even describe how funny he was. So he is funny and it sounds like from this arrest, he might soon be single, or if he isn't he ought to be.
I did go on to dream that a bunch of younger ladies were after Mr. Barkley and I was not able to hang on to him very long, plus he acted like he was about to lose his temper every time we hit an ordinary little rough spot. He does have quite a temper. But the dream ended with me feeling that he and I did have good rapport and we would always get along no matter what.
I am sure he would appreciate these white boots I just got out and started wearing because it got cold enough in Phoenix for covered shoes. I didn't look but I might have been wearing them in one of our dates.
I hate to think I will have to drop down to such risky younger men as Charles Barkley to find anyone in remotely good enough shape to be functional. He must be twenty five years younger. My dream is also probably trying to tell me that I have about as good a chance of dating that younger guy I had my eye on in here as I do of dating Charles Barkley.
I have just ignored Pierre, my past companion now deceased, so he appears to have retreated to a distance. I appreciated his concern, but I can't see concentrating on the dead as long as there is any life left in the old bones. The frostbite has finally cleared some from my toes. I could probably even dance.
Poor old Doc is going to the doctor today. I swear he gets older every day, but now that I have stopped looking on food as entertainment I am getting more frisky. While he has all but stopped walking except for bare necessities. I dont know what to say. Men have their ways, and they will do as they please.
Oh please if you have a moment go and visit Kelli of Thoughts of a poor white women on my blog list as her sister died very unexpectedly and she has been in a state of shock. She happened to call her mother who told her.
My son Raymond has now begun intense rehearsals on his one man show, "Bohemian Cowboy" in Los Angeles. Kurt Brungardt, a long time director of his plays, has arrived in town. I was glad to read he had time to watch the Cardinals and go to the beach in the recent hot spell that hit Los Angeles. His blog Cowboys and Bohemians is also on my blog list.
I seem to have all but left Phoenix myself as I skim the Internet in search of friends' blogs and make videos for Youtube. My friends do not live in Phoenix anymore, and I did have a hard time finding friends here with my interests. But three of my kids still live here, so as long as they are here, I will have a motive for living here. My sister Linda is preparing to move to San Francico where she will be tending her two grandkids some of the day. (They are both in school) I hope all goes well with her move, as she is still experiencing numbness at the end of her fingers and she says a kind of weakness throughout her body that does not seem normal to her. If it gets worse she will have to try harder to find out what is plagueing her. I think the stress of foreclosure and thoughts of moving might be affecting her by now, and once she gets moved, I think she will start to feel better. Anyway, I sincerely hope so.

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