Tuesday, January 13, 2009

3- Hollywood shuns subjects that are too controversial as not profitable

When it is all about profit, the most difficult subjects just never get addressed in Hollywood adequately. So the power players in Hollywood tend to be those who are most focused on success rather than on what is good for people. The profit motive is self serving only, too many times, and we have certainly witnessed an usual meltdown from this selfish philosophy of life recently. Selfishness just got the better of people.
If you take stands on issues that are difficult ro maintain, you may just never get ahead, and that result does not speak well for our progress. I think women's causes and crimes perpetuated against women and children are never explored enough. Why because defending the rights of children and women who must struggle for equality in pay for their effort in a male power oriented world, is simply not as profitable, but if we protect our children we are protectng our future. Making the fast buck does not. Oh is the country paying for our short sightedness. Will we do better in the future? Well, yes, until we forget.


Yasmin said...

I agree with you inpart however Hollywood is about entertainment and making money which is what it does, and the kind of films your talking about just don't have the level of interest.

Independant films and European fims tend not to sy away from issues that are prevelent in today's society, perhaps it might be an idea to watch films from those sources.


Pamela said...

I agree with Yasmin. There are documentaries about such subjects. But, the movie business is about money and entertainment. When I go to a movie I want to be entertained. It's an escape. They have touched on a lot of sensitive subjects and I do applaud them for that. Maybe not so much what you are referring to. When I want to be educated I go for books and documentaries.
Hope you have a good night.


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