Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Son Gary buying novels at Barnes and Noble now: see what happens when you encourage kids to read!

My oldest son Gary said on the phone that he is no longer watching French movies, but going to Barnes and Noble and buying novels (when he is not working on his heavy construction job). He just bought "The Reader", read it, and went to the movie the same night. He, like I, thought Kate Winslet a heck of a good actress. He said he went by my sister Linda's and placed a grocery card gift on my youngest son Dan's pillow. Gary fell asleep and did not make it to the family Christmas dinner. I thought how nice it would be to come home and find that gift on your pillow in these times. Although Dan claims he has only seen Gary 12 times in his life, since Gary is 21 years older and had moved out when he came along. I told Gary this and he said it was probably true. He is cheerful and unrepentant about what he does or does not do. I never reproach my kids if I don't see them years on end. I figure that would only make them worse. Ha. Besides they are only a phone call away and so far none have refused to chat with me.
I was heartened to see a long ad today on Tv in which a soft spoken older woman said that she was Jane Roe of Roe vs. Wade and that she regrets seeking a legal abortion more than anything she has ever done which case went all the way to the Supreme Court and changed the law. She said she was 21 years old and got pregnant when she was unprepared. I thought well she has come a ways in making restitution, but the momentom is so great it is probably going to take years to change the abortion law of the land back to what it was before. I don't expect to see that happen in my time left on earth.
I was reading a Michael Moore book today who is a darling of the liberal media, and he had about three pages in his book of all the war crimes Bush has committed in going to war with Iraq, and should have been charged with. He said impeachment was too good for a war criminal. But on the other hand, he waxes indignant at anybody who is stupid enough to want to take away abortion rights and for them he reserves utmost scorn.
This sounds like a liberal man's way of looking at things, but I can't get over how people contradict themselves with their beliefs. And his books have been so popular, plus his movies documentary style. People like him are one of the reasons we will continue to see high numbers of abortions. I donot believe the numbers of deaths will come down significantly until the laws allowing abortions for any reason are changed. People sometimes need the help of a strict law to keep from doing something they had not ought to do.
As we have done with the economy I think we will continue on this course until we are as spiritually bankrupt as we are bankrupt money wise. Which is why regulation can stop this sort of tendency in people--to overspend, over borrow, and too many thinking bankruptcy will take care of everything. Except the whole country is on the verge of bankruptcy now, stores without end, banks, people, states, cities. But we just have to go on and cut and cut jobs until it hurts. Arizona is one of the hard hit states, and when Napolitano came into office there was a surplus in the treasury if you can imagine. It did not take long for the state to go on a massive spending spree, naturally bankng on sales tax, etc, that no longer materialized. You can see what happened. Now Janet Brewer who has a reputation for beng frugal has been sworn in as governor and inherits the awful job of fixing a wild spending spree. I don't envy her, but she looks like a tough cookie and will make it through.
Economic news continues to be pretty bad, so it is no wonder people can't think of any other disaster they may have been cultivating for years.
The bright spot of the election was the joy of dark skinned people here and all over the world with the development of equality that finally resonates among people of color with the election of an African American president. But I know that those who have not been made to feel equal in this country will also be overwhelmed for a time with what they will be expected to do in fixing problems. Before we did not let them into office so they were not constrained to work on the problems. It does feel better to have everybody working on the problems.
I believe that blacks will concede that in their life time they didnot expect to see this event come about, so from a childhood that may have been saddened with prejudice, a new day has dawned for many in relationships between the races. I am proud of America for making progress in this area.
But this also confirms how long life is and how many changes can happen, and those who justify abortion because that child may come into the world unwanted and struggling, must concede that as long as you have life you can anticipate and sometimes get changes for the better, but once a child is conceived and killed in an abortion, that chance is over. Life is gone forever, so again we must ask people to realize the magnitude of what taking life is. I believe all these little children would have chosen to stay with the parents who conceived them if that was possible. All will leave this earth with infinite sorrow because more people do not realize what they are doing in taking away the gift of life.

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That was sweet to leave that gift on his pillow. Interesting entry Gerry. You always make me really think about things.


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