Thursday, January 8, 2009

5- Interviewing Pierre on his no drinking, smoking, drugging, and overeating policy in the afterlife

Pam thought it would be fun to interview Pierre, and Doc wanted to go in that direction, too, so he wanted me to ask him questions. I asked him a few but to tell the truth I have not got too comfortable interviewing a spirit on camera. Maybe later on when I get used to Pierre being around without thinking he is here to take me, I will be able to interview him further about what he is doing.
Today we learned more about him because we played a video of the last Halloween karaoke party we had. We watched the New Years one yesterday. In this Halloween one Pierre sang a lot of songs, and I sang quite a few with him but I was very nervous and did not do too well of course. I had on this black flapper party dress for my costume. It was a great dress but my legs looked like logs.
Well, after watching that Doc was determined he would outdo Pierre, so we sang karaoke this afternoon. The best one he did was the Ella Fitzgerald hit On the Sunny Side of the Street. Since Doc loves jazz singers he loves Ella Fitzgerald. He is, of course, a lot more flexible singer than Pierre, but Pierre would never go out in public drunk when I knew him. So Pierre looked more impressive that way. He looked like a man who could take charge of a party and did. He, in fact, used to cook a lot of the food, too, since he liked to cook.
Pierre says he feels comfortable coming back to practice singing in the last place in his life where he lived and was responsible for so many karaoke parties. He said my struggle to get the talented Doc more active with his music has had his attention.
Tomorrow Doc has promised that he will get out his keyboard and play some of the songs in my 3 big songbooks. Yesterday I got to sing Bye, Bye, Blackbird. He said why do you want to sing that dumb song. I said, "Are you kidding, our Salt Gulch Ranch was blackbird ranch. And that song is saying goodbye to ranch life and the flocks and flocks of blackbirds." Doc is a great guide on a song because he is always reminding me to find and stay on the melody and he will come in and hum if I can't seem to get on tune. I have very little tonal memory, that is the melody does not stay in my mind very well, but songs I have heard many times I do remember fairly long parts of the melody sometimes.
After Doc saw the struggles of all the other people at the karaoke party trying to sing he decided I was just one of the crowd. He said I must say you are a persistent one. He admires me for that! When we have had a lot more practice I may put another video up of Doc singing something at least as he plays his keyboard.

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Pamela said...

I don't know which Hospice you tried to use, but we let our patients smoke or do whatever they want. It's their choice.
I don't think Pierre is there to take you, as you have feared. You are way too healthy. He's there to support you. He probably knows how much Doc's drinking upsets you.
I hope you are able to interview him in more detail sometime soon.


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