Thursday, January 29, 2009

Democrats taking measures to lower abortion rates

Here is the gist of the action of 3 democrats, including democratic majority leader, Harry Reid, which I will gladly put in my blog, hoping that this could be some of the actions taken to lower unplanned pregnancies in this country resulting in abortions. A friend sent me this link which I was glad to see. By coincidence one of the books I brought home from the library was by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid from Nevada. I have read half way throught it. It is quite a startling memoir by a man who was raised by a very poor family in Searchlight, Nevada. His father was engaged in hunting for gold when he was a kid.
Here is the link to the petition, which you may want to check out. I have also put the link on my side bar blog list. It is heartening to see that action is being taken by Care 2 to lower abortions. I have rededicated myself to the democratic party and to urging democrats to get involved in lowering abortion rates. Obama spoke of wanting to lower abortion rights and perhaps he will help pass this piece of legislation and get involved in making it a success. Care 2 looks to be a rather involved commitment so I will be holding up on signing that until I have read more.
The link:

The Unplanned Pregnancy Prevention Bill
Target: U.S. Congress
Sponsored by: National Partnership for Women & Families

With the goal of moving reproductive rights to the top of the legislative agenda in the 111th Congress, Reps. Diana DeGette, (D-CO) and Louise Slaughter, (D-N.Y), and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), have reintroduced "Prevention First" legislation.

The measure's goals are lofty – to tackle the unacceptably high rate of unplanned pregnancies in the U.S. Currently, half of pregnancies are unintended and half of those end in abortion. The bill would tackle the problem from several angles, by:

* Increasing family planning funding,
* Ending insurance discrimination against women,
* Improving awareness about emergency contraception, and
* Requiring programs to focus on medically accurate sex education.

If we want to reduce the number of abortions in this country, the path is clear – empower women to prevent unintended pregnancies through education and access to contraception. Please sign our petition and urge your elected officials to sign onto this important legislation today!

deadline: Ongoing...
goal: 25,000


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Dear [Senator/Representative]:

I am writing to urge you to co-sponsor the Prevention First Act, which would increase access to family planning services, improve access to comprehensive sex education for teens, and help prevent unintended pregnancies. Affordable access to birth control and reproductive health services improves public health by allowing couples to plan their families and by reducing our nation's staggering rate of unintended pregnancy.

Half of pregnancies in the U.S. are unintended and more than 17 million women need publicly funded contraceptive services and supplies because they are unable to access or purchase them on their own. Between 1994 and 2001, unintended pregnancy among low-income women increased by 29 percent, while it decreased by 20 percent among women with higher incomes.

Please co-sponsor the Prevention First Act, to take a critical step toward addressing the unmet need for family planning services for all women.


ADB said...

Excellent news, Gerry. That's what I want to hear out of Washington.

Missie said...

I sure hope so! Enjoy your weekend.


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