Tuesday, January 6, 2009

3- Gerry never got around to sprinkling Pierre's ashes so she sent them to his ex-wife

Pierre had a good sense of humor so he probably laughed to think I trucked his ashes to his ex-wife because he tried to sell them to her before he died for $700 which annoyed me. I said, "Pierre are you going to be happy in an urn beside her in her family crypt?" He said, "I am going to be dead. I don't give a damn about my ashes!" I said, "I don't think she will ever send $700 for them." She did not, but she told me when I called to tell her Pierre had passed away that she still wanted his ashes. I was annoyed at her nerve, so I kept them for a year. Doc came along and insisted I needed to do something with them. I could not sprinkle them among the saguaro because Pierre always said he did not like the desert, so I finally sent them to her, and she was very happy, her daughter reported. When she died they comingled their ashes, so they are together in the crypt, but not in the after life, Pierre insists. I thought it served Pierre right for trying to sell his ashes.
By the way Doc has been so perturbed at me bringing Pierre to be in our video and saying he has come back to me, that he insisted I stay down there and sing all afternoon. He vowed he is going to treat me better, so I won't need Pierre. I said, "as needed."

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Pamela said...

I think it would be interesting if you and Doc did an interview with Pierre. Would Pierre be up for that?


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