Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama gives great inauguration speech

I thought I would post this photo of my grandson, Jamal, whose father was an African American from Khartoum, Sudan and whose adopted father is from Denver, Colorado, who has been extremely kind and supportive to him. Thanks to the election of Obama my grandson's future in America looks a whole lot brighter today and for that I am deeply grateful, for I have worried since he was born about whether life for him would be doubly hard with all the prejudice that still seemed to be present in our country.
Obama gave a speech that I cannot imagine being any better or more appropriate for the occasion. Every word and idea resonated, nothing empty rhetoric. Too much is at stake. Our country is in too bad of shape and we desperately need everyone working with enthusiasm side by side to make things better. I have felt ever since the election black America has suddenly come forth as a now enthusiastic branch of our populace, when before, made sullen by bad treatment, they acted as though America's promise just had not been fulfilled for them. So hope is in the air.
I am sure my grandson who even bears a certain resemblance to Obama is stepping lighter and feeling more excited about college and his future.
I have always felt very proud of Americans when we showed signs of being able to treat the minorities in our midst as equals, working with them, giving them respect and enjoying their gifts and their differences. In fact, I even attribute the Cardinals winning the chance to go to the Superbowl to Obama's victory because they felt so invincible they thought they could bring this teams out of obscurity. White and black worked together side by side to beat impossible odds. There was no stopping them. A great white quarterback, Kurt Warner, who always treats people with great respect, and some great black players teamed up to excite the world.
I think that is what Obama and his cabinet and staff are set to do. With cooperation they can accomplish so much more.
I could just feel the people of many countries watching who would be considered minorities in our country and could feel the hatred ebbing away just a little, warmed by his words. I think the whole world craves acceptance, and that can go a long ways in healing old wounds--more powerful than bullets, acceptance. Obama is wise enough to gamble on humane treatment more than bruising power. We have been humbled. We need to be shown once again that great wealth and all the power that that generates is not the strongest force. How many people have feared to trust strength of character over wealth. A good beginning with Obama not promising more than I think he can deliver. Restrained but wise. We can rest easier with a younger leader when there is a thoughtful mind at work.


Bea said...

Amen to that! President Obama's words are inspiring...I feel a sense of national pride, that we could come a full 180 degrees in the way we live out our Constitution, in our recognition of the prophetic words of our forefathers, that all men are created equal. It was written, it was spoken, and now it is a living reality. Race is no longer an issue. We are all healing, both the ones who wounded, and the ones who were wounded. Thank the Lord!

sober white women said...

I watched everything on the news this this morning! I was not going to miss history being made.

Cheryl said...

The picture of Jamal makes this moment even more emotional and there are so many great Jamal's out there that can help to lead us to a better future.

Missie said...

I must admit, I have not watched any of the inauguratuion. I just don't understand the hype.

I believe all the money that has been spent on the "show" today, the parade and the ball, could have spent on helping families that are loosing their homes.

I just think it's all money wasted.

Now don't get me wrong, I'd feel this way right now no matter who was president.


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