Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I managed to get my sound to my computer back on!

I did it by checking it out this morning when I had sunlight and I turned it off again and unplugged all the connections and then plugged them back in and when I turned the computer back on little chirps came out. I didn't take both connections out at the same time last night, but I got a call from Dan my son saying he would come over and pursue it further if I needed him to, so that was good.
My sister Linda also went to emergency yesterday over her mysterious ailment. They told her she needed to get on AHCCS of course and get it further checked out so in case of surgery she would have money for co-pays, so I believe that is what she is tending to now. As she will have to spend some time going to the right agencies. She has had a lot of worries on her mind with her house going into foreclosure and trying to move to San Francisco, but she can't do that until she feels up to it.
Dante missed a fun weekend with his dad, so when he found out all his dad did including playing paintball he was properly sorry he went off to the mall instead of turning up so his mother grounded him for the weekend. Missing fun hurts him worse than anything.
I am hoping when we go to Calif to see the play we will be able to take him, too, as he has an aunt down there he can visit. He can go to the play with us, too, as my guest. I am hoping to get everything coordinated to meet Pam, there, too. But Dan thinks we will need to wait to March to go.
My Utah relatives will go the last week in February. We have to win the Superbowl before we can do anything and that is going to take a lot of effort by everybody I am sure.
Anyway I am glad that my computer is not going to cost me anything in repairs right now, as I need to save for California. I want to spend my savings for something fun!

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Paula said...

I'm glad you got your computer fixed without costing. I tell you Gerry you should be a model for our age group. Nice picture.


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